Since early 2000, real estate industry has stood out to be one of the most emerging field, which has been witnessed a tremendous capital inflows from massive corporation and investor, especially into not only developed but also emerging countries such as: America, Australia, UK, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam… A strong connection is urged to be set up. And, BestReals is established to fill this gap.

Officially operated since early 2020 with the aims of bringing the best solutions and services to our valued customers and partners worldwide, BestReals provides consultancy of Project assessment and pre-development, Sales and Marketing
strategy, leasing and project management and last but not least
our distribution channel.
Teaming of skilled and experience members who are professional in Vietnam and international real estate market, BestReals has gained its reputation partners including of developers, brokers and domestic also international investors.

With the motto of “Bringing the Best”, we hope together with your company gaining success in the near future.


Becoming the first and leading Vietnamese agent successfully bringing Vietnamese real estate to international market.


For partner & client: BestReals commits to be the best companion which built on trust, sharing and cooperation.

For market:  BestReals builds an image of the leading company in Vietnam provides real estate solutions and professional distribution channel to international market.

For employees: 
BestReals builds a professional, creative and humanism working environment, create developing opportunities for all employees.

For society:  BestReals builds a business that combines harmoniously benefits of company and society, contribute sustainable development to the economic & society.


  • Reputation: Ethical - Loyal - Responsible
  • Professionalism: Specialized - Quality - Experienced
  • Transparency: Public - Plain - Fair
  • Comprehensiveness: Diverse - Perfect - Developed
  • Flexibility: Agile - Updated - Improvised
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